s.84 BSPT Gas

full port 1/4"-4"
hot forged brass ball valve

1.1/4″-2″ hollow ball

1Nickel plated body1CW617N
3Chrome plated ball1CW617N
4Nickel plated end-cap1CW617N
5Nickel plated stem O-ring design1CW617N
6Geomet® nut1CB4FF
8Yellow PVC coated Geomet® steel handle1DD11

DN shows the nominal flow diameter. Actual flow diameter complies with full port DIN 3357 part 4. Stem configuration of valves over 2″ is slightly different.
Ball  valves are marked CE on handle from 1.1/4″ to 2″, on body over 2″ as follow: CE 1115 cat IIIB+D PS: 5 GAS TS1:-20°C TS2: +60°C

Pressure-temperature chart

AS4617 limitations for GAS: 2100 Kpa up to 2″ and 1500 Kpa from 2.1/2″ to 4″ rated working pressure and 0°C +60°C temperature

Pressure drop chart
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XCES84 - 3992