s.7300L 3 way – 4 seats T-port

full port 1/2" - 1"
hot forged brass ball valve

1Nickel plated body1CW617N
4Chrome plated ball1CW617N
5Nickel plated end-cap1CW617N
6Washer1PTFE carbon filled 25%
7Nickel plated stem O-ring design1CW617N
9Screw handle stop1CW617N
10Spring1AISI 302
11Unplated spring bushing1CW617N
12Stainless steel screw1AISI 304
13Geomet® plated steel handle1DD11
14Black dipped coating1PVC
Torque for actuator sizing N.m
Torque correction factors

Valve torque can vary according to operating frequency, temperature and friction characteristics of the media.
If media has more or less friction than water, multiply torque by the following factors.

Lubricating oils or liquids                                                  0.8
Dry gases, natural gas, superheated steam                   1.5
Slurries or liquids bearing abrasive particles               1.5÷2.5

With the configuration of T-Ball a stop pin can be screwed in any position of the 4 provided in the flange (1, 2, 3 or 4) and the lever can be rotated freely through 90°, the flow assumes the directions indicated in the diagram; in case of need the lever can be pulled upwards and you can reach any of the four possible positions.
An alternative is to mount 2 pins in 2 near holes (e.g. 1 and 2). In this case, the valve does not assume a predetermined position but can be actuated just by pulling the lever towards the top.
The valve allows also to block the lever thanks to the addition of a lock on the lever’s protrusion (in the drawing you can see position 2).

The mixing configuration is achieved by placing the pin in position 2. The flows to be mixed enter throught A and C and exit throught A+C


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XCES7300L - 3992